Renshi’s 12345 Step Trading System on Fibonacci Trader SRV™


This system is designed by Renshi Forex on Fibonacci Trader SRV™ for beginners and experienced traders, especially if they don’t have a lot of time to sit at a computer for hours on end. Renshi has retired and has allowed his system to be available from Fibonacci Trader Corp.

This system uses a checklist to make investment as successful as possible. You will look for certain criteria. The first 5 criteria are a must, and the others are there for added confirmation.

Renshi has formulated a set of indicators which he numbered from 1 to 4, with a 5th reason to help make a informed decision on the probability to a successful trade.

The 1 to 4 indicators have been designed each with their own criteria of justifications to get the best reasons for that indicator.  All four indicators then must align to make a concise decision to make a high probability trade.  The 5th reason is just icing on the cake!

(This 12345 system was previously called the 1234X system, with the X being the X factor to help make a trade stand out more.)

The 12345 FX system primarily uses the 2 hour chart for day trading, and for news events.

News events are regarded as high risk for trading. To be successful with them you really need to be a technical trader and have a full understanding of Fundamental figures that each country puts out on its news announcements.

With the 12345 FX system, you don’t trade when the news is announced, rather you wait (sometimes up to 5 days after the announcement) and when the 1234 indicators and the 5th reason is triggered, you take a trade.  This way you are NOT caught up with:

  1. Wide artificial spreads.
  2. Whip saws where the market wildly goes up then down taking out stops.
  3. Markets reversing from a daily trend.
  4. Broker stop hunting.

Obviously, there is no such thing as a holy grail in trading. Renshi actually created this system for his daughter, to allow her to simply learn how to trade the market without being overloaded with trading Jargon and hours of emotional tossing and turning. She started playing the trading game with Renshi in demo mode when she was about 8 yrs old. She is now 12 and has a good solid win rate from just following the 12345 Step System.

Renshi taught many people this system, finding that those who take the time to learn it, and persevere to get it to a stage where it is second nature, are the ones who succeed.

Look at these videos to see how the system works:  

Watch the introduction:

Begin your subscription to the Renshi 12345 Step System by:

1.      Renting the Fibonacci Trader SRV™ Software (if do not have it already)

2.      Installing the Renshi 12345 Step System (the system will be installed for you)

3.      Choosing System Usage time period



$55 per month or $395 per year

(If you already rent FT SRV, skip this step)

INTRODUCTORY pricing for the Renshi 12345 Step System:

Renshi 12345 Step System Initiation:

$115 one-time fee  
(the system will be installed for you onto your computer)

Renshi 12345 Step System Usage Fees:

$150 for 3 months System Usage
$300 for 6 months System Usage
$550 for 1 year System Usage (The yearly rate includes one Free Month)

Select period to use



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