Downloading and ordering the Hartle Prospect Oscillator

The HPO will work on any version of the Fibonacci, Galactic and Fibonacci/Galactic Trader softwares.

The trial version of the HPO Add-on for the Fibonacci Trader is available free. The trial version does not display the final three bars on the chart. In this manner, you can review its use along with the described rules found in the Fibonacci Trader Journal #15.

The enabled version sells for $299.00.

Order Now.

If you purchase the product, no refunds are available, as this product is completely digital. You must download and install the trial version before you can receive the Passcode key number.

Click on the following link to run the installation.

Click here to donwload

Once finished the download the installation program, “InstallHPOBinaryFT.exe", will run. This is what the installation program looks like.

First, make sure that the proper path to the Fibonacci Trader program folder is shown in the folder line. If you did a standard installation of the our program, then this is the correct path. Click on the Install button.

If the Installation is successful, a window will open and advise you of this. Also, the product key number will appear, and the Install button will be permanently grayed out. Whenever you run the installation program, the same product key number will always be displayed. The HPO is now available in your Indicator Window in the Fibonacci Trader.

If you purchase the program, run the installation program again. Copy the product key and give it to us. Once your purchase is verified you will receive the Passcode Key number. Copy that number into the Passcode window and press “Register”.

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