Frequent Asked Questions

How to setup email alarms for AOL, Yahoo, Google and other email services?

What is the difference between the various programs?

PAS Data Server Symbols you can use on all our real time versions.

How to setup Interactive Brokers to feed our real time applications?

Getting Started for the real time program.

Getting Started for the End of Day program.

What is Range Bar?

Does it work on a Mac?

Where can I find shortcuts keys?

How do I preserve my data, charts, and systems when changing computers?

How do you create the MiDi system as seen in the magazines and lectures?

What are Multiple Time Frames?

What are and how do you use Volumetric Bars(tm)?

What is the Fibonacci Ranger? 

How much do the different programs cost?

How do you use the TrendFinderTM Indicator?

What are the 2 green squares in the corners of the screen?

How can I make a continuous contract?

How do you change the real time data feed?

How to create an end of day chart?

How do you adjust a stock when a split occurrs?

How do you change the default exchange?

How do you import ascii data?

How do you export ascii data?

How do you turn off the beep for the real time ticks?

How do you edit a bar?

How do you use the Templates function?

How do you use the Trend Line alarm?

How do you use the Least Square Channel alarm?

What is and how do you use the Box Information tool?

Where are my journals?

How do you perform a scan?

Where  can I get information of the Pattern Indicators that are in the program?

I don't know what the contract specifications are for the symbol I want to trade. What do I do?

What do you type in for trading times for the SP, Nasdaq and Dow Mini globex sessions?

We are in April and my futures contracts that I have for the month of March are not on the list. Where did they go?

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