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How to create the MiDi system as seen in the magazines and lectures?

1) Click on system, right click in system window and select "new". Name the system MIDI Own or MIDI Next (whichever one you are creating. Robert created both and applied both to same chart) 

2) Add "W. Blau Mean Deviation Ind. Ergodic" indicator to the indicator list window. 

3) Select edit and change the following: 
     Period = you pick (Robert setup a system for "own" and then another one set to "next").
     length = 55 or 89 or 144 (whatever you think works the best for the instrument your trading)
     draw type for line 1 = histogram
     draw type for line 2 = none
     symbol for line 2 = circle 2
     symbol for line 1 = none
     X position for line 2 only = -50 for next time period MIDI only. Own period stays at 0.
     colors = you pick
     subchart = chart 2 for MIDI Own and chart 6 for MIDI Next

4) click exit

5) Trade Type = crossing zero line (if trade type is blank, highlight indicator name then select trade type.

6) At the bottom right of window check off "show indicator names"

7) Click options, then arrow/paint bars tab and check the 1st two paint bar boxes (do this only for own period not next otherwise if you put Midi own and Midi next on the same chart they will fight over who colors the bars. Robert just has the Midi own coloring the bars. If you just want to use the Midi next then following #7 instructions to paint the bars for Midi Next)

8) click exit

9) click save

10) Find Midi system in the system list window, right click and select "use".


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