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Here are the recent improvements and bugs fixes since version 3.00




1. Install the driver for the key, click here for instructions.

2. Install Version 3 R85, click here.

3. Run the program once and close it.

4. Install the latest R88, click here.


VERSION 3.16 - Improvements  

R88 (8/8/02) 

Fix option Add position on reentries problem.

R86 (4/16/02) 
Password shows now with *

Sometimes scale was showing a wrong value.

R85 (10/16/01)
Data Vendors
eSignal - Fixed problem with different time zones for intraday data.

R83 (08/30/01)
Data Vendors
eSignal - New interface to download intraday data, the download is now much faster.

Gann Swing Charts, options to change the number of bars to have a swing, from 1 to 7 bars, before was fixed to 2.
MPoint indicator.
Chandelier Stop.
Donchian Channels

Right Space Tool
There is a new small square at the bottom of he chart, drag it to change the space between the end of the chart and the scale.

R78 (06/23/01)

VERSION 3.15 - Improvements    

R79 (07/19/01)
When scanning  using the TC2000 list (for TC2000 EOD users), any new chart that the program needs to create goes to a subdivision named TC2000.

Bar Thickness
On the option window the bar thickness up and down arrow was not working on the R78

R78 (06/23/01)
Real Time Data Vendors
eSignal - Fix problem with 1 minute bars close and open.

Import ASCII Data
Added an option for Date Time Price Volume

New Unit Type on contracts 32nd and 1/2
This unit format is used on the CBOT 10 Years Note.

Will download the last 1 minute bars for all open charts

Edit Bars Window
Now there is an extra button to delete all bars in all time frames for the selected day.

Scan using TC2000 lists
If you have TC2000 EOD data you will have an extra option on the systems window to scan using a list from TC2000.

Plan Alarms
Fixed the plan alarm for spreads.

Show all indicator values. The values are now also printed.

- Improvements and Bugs Fix   

R77 (05/08/01)
Real Time Feeders
The program is now compatible with the Feeder/Broker MyTrack.
For more information click here.

Townsend Analytics - PCQuote, Comstock on the NET....
Now when downloading intraday data from the charts you will have the option for that time frame also, you can download direct the 5 or 13 or 78 minute bars depending on the time frame of your chart.
You are able also to download data from a date, not just for one day, any date you type will make the program download the data from that date to today.

Plan Alarms
Fixed the plan alarm for spreads.

System Scan List
New option on the Scan List window, if you are scanning daily plans and have TC2000 EOD data in your computer, you will have an option that if the symbol does not exist yet in the Fibonacci Trader files then it will automatic created from the TC2000 data.

R75 (04/14/01)
Import ASCII Data - Date Format 
The program will recognize the date formats DD.MM.YY, DD.MM.YYYY, MM.DD.YY and MM.DD.YYYY, when importing ASCII data.

System Scan List
This is a new way to do scans, just create symbols lists and the program will search any contract that has that symbol.
How to use the System Scan Symbol List?

End of Day data format for downloadquotes.com
This is a web site, http://www.downloadquotes.com that has free index data and very inexpensive end of day data for many markets in the world. The program has a very easy way to use this data, just follow the instructions.
How to use the data from downloadquotes.com?

Chart background color option.
Option to change the background color of the chart. Note that the program was design to be used with a black background, when changing the background color you will have different colors on the program drawings. 

Click on the Background Color box, select the new color, click OK.

VERSION 3.12 - Improvements and Bugs Fix   

R74 (03/22/01)
New option "Deselect tools manually after use", if checked when you use, for example a trend line, the trend line tool will be in use until you click the Arrow button.

Pattern Narrowest bar
Candle Stick RSI.

R73 (03/08/01)
, we can now collect real time data from Tenfore using their software QuoteSpeed. You need to have the QuoteSpeed option for DDE selected ON.
Fix problem of R72 that real time data on futures contracts for PCQuote was not coming.

R72 (03/02/01)
Option to use an Ethernet (TCP/IP) connection to the DTN 8000 or 8080 boxes. This is faster than the regular serial port.

Percent Price Oscillator
Acceleration Bands

R70 (02/09/01)
Fix decimal display, sometimes 31.00 was displayed 30.00.

Triple switch, fix price traded on the backtrack.

What if
Option to assume that the next and highest period bars are also closed.
When you clicked the what if on the daily/weekly/monthly chart, if the last bar on screen was not Friday the program was making the next and highest period calculations assuming that they were not closed, this option will force the calculation to assume that the next and highest periods are closed even if is not Friday.

R69 (01/19/01)
Included the option Use Trend Indicators only on entries. This will make the system trend on the direction of the trend indicators but will not got flat if the trend indicators change direction. Only when the signal indicators change direction a exit trade will occur.
Included the option to show the value of the stop and profit arrows on the screen, also when the arrows are on the screen you can right click on one of them to turn the show values on or off.

Plan Alarm
On the Plan Alarm utility (click utilities, plan alarm and them on the chart) before when you right click on the alarm arrow on the screen that would be deleted, now you will see a popup meu with the option to delete the alarm or the edit it to fine tune the alarm value.

Pattern Indicators
We begun to program some patterns, when the pattern occur the bar will be painted, for information go to Pattern Indicators

VERSION 3.11 - Improvements and Bugs Fix   

R68 (12/26/00)
End of Day data (TC2000 Version 4)
The program will read the TC2000 version 4 format.
To create a daily chart from the TC2000 version 4 data base just press the F4 key and type a symbol, the chart will be created, be sure to have the TC2000 data bank disk into your CD-Rom drive.
You can also create a chart using the normal way, click File, Contracts, New, select End of Day, select TC2000-V4, type a symbol on the symbol box, click OK.
To reopen an already created chart click Plans on the main menu, at the Plans window click on End of Day, the charts will be listed on the right side window.

R67 (12/12/00)
Fix problem on the systems that used close all positions at the end of the day.

Create the option Show Values for indicators. 
This will display on the screen the actual indicator value.
To access that you can right click on the indicator name and the new option will appear on the menu, or on the edit indicator window you will see the option Show Values.
TrendFinder tm - Read about it.

For Quote.com only
Press SHIFT F10 and the program will download the last 300 bars for the actual open plan.

Drawing Tools
Add option on the Retracement drawing to show the retracement values

R65 (11/12/00)
Fix problem on the scan systems for EOD data and fix some problems with wrong reading EOD data.

R63 (11/01/00) 

Log Scale
Now you can select a log scale on the scale window.

System Scan
Option to save the selection and load a selection. Option to show all positions not only the ones that changed direction.
Option to assume market closed on all plans.

On the results options to save the results as text.

On the option to close all positions at the end of the day you have a new option to reopen the position on the next day open.

The following indicators have now an option to calculate using the tick volume and not only the regular volume.
      William's Variable Acc
      Volume Price Trend
      Volume Accumulation Oscillator
      On Balance Volume
      On Balance Volume Range
Fix overflow error on the DMI indicator when data had High=Low=Close on many continuous bars.

Improving way that the program keeps and save the real time data in memory.

If you use any broker that uses Spear, Leads, & Kellogg as their clearing house and you have REDI Plus installed, now you have the option to send automatic orders to the REDI Plus software.
For that on the Defaults window under Brokers select REDI, type your User ID, Password and account number.
After you have input that information you need to edit the system that you want the automatic order sent to the REDI software, select the option Automatic Order to the Broker.
Note that the use of that is your own risk and we are not responsible for any error on any order because of a bug, mal function or wrong calculation on the program.
The program just send the order to the REDI software you still need to confirm the order there.

VERSION 3.10 - Improvements and Bugs Fix   

R61 (08/09/00) 

Fix a problem with the number of ticks that the program was counting.
Symbols line AMEX:SPY were collecting real time data but the download of the historical data was not working, for this symbols use the ~ (TILT) in the place of the : (COLON), then the symbol AMEX:SPY must be typed AMEX~SPY in the contract symbol.

You can now use the Comstock CSP connecting using a TCP protocol.
On the Select Live Feeder window select Comstock CSP TCP.
The Comstock CSP TCP window will show.

Type the IP Address of your CSP, the Port Number and if you have CSP version 4 or later type your User Name and Password. Click Logon.

Real Time Contract Window
Created a Minutes to Wait After Close text box, in this text box you will type for how many MINUTES you want the program to wait for a new tick in that contract after the close. Some users in some feeders were getting ticks for the night section in contracts that they want just the day section data.

Fix Export Monthly Bars
The program was not exporting monthly bars the ASCII files.

Fix Expansion Lines Drawing
The program was drawing the expansions in a way that sometimes was hard to see the expansion lines.

Overbought/Oversold Lines Colors
You can now change the color of the overbought/oversold lines on the indicators that have these lines

Change Contract Symbols on Link Plans
When you have linked plans on the screen, if you change the contract in one of the plans the program will ask if you want to change that in all other linked plans also.

System Scan
You can now scan your system for a list of plans and see the ones that had a change on the system position on the last bar of the database. A list of these plans will open.
To scan a system click Systems, on the System list right click on the system you want to scan and click Scan, the scan window for this system will open.

The list will show all your plans, you can select/unselect the real time, manual or end of day by clicking on their check boxes.
To select/unselect a plan right click on in in the list.
Number of bars to load is how many bars this plan will use to do the calculations, try to keep this number as low as possible, this way the results will come faster, but remember to have enough bars for your the calculations. Normally 200 bars is a good number.
Click Scan to begin the Scan.
When you close this window the selected plans will be saved and if later you ask for a new scan on the same system the selected plans will be there.
On this list you can double click any plan to open it.

As plans with the condition are found the System Scan Result window will open with the list of plans found.
Double click on a plan to open it.
Click Print to print the list.

VERSION 3.09 - Improvements and Bugs Fix   

R57 (04/17/00) 

In some cases when creating a group the letters for the delivery months where not appearing.
When the default exchange was not created properly an error was appearing as you pressed F5.

R56 (03/16/00) 

Groups Delivery Months
Now on the groups window you can select what is the letter that you want to use for each delivery months, this will be used for some USA feeders that have different delivery months letters for globex and for some European feeders.

Hot Key <SHIFT>F12
Press the shift key and the F12 at the same time, this will open an input box window where you can type a symbol to replace the symbol on the current chart. The symbol that you type must already exist on the contracts list.

R55 (03/07/00) 

Stochastic RSI option to use weighted moving average.

Hot Key F10
If you use Quote.com, E-Signal or any feeder that uses the Townsend Analytics server (PCQuote, Comstock on the internet...) the F10 key will download the today's 1 minute bars for the activated chart. On R53 this was key F11, we change it to F10.

New Hot Key F11
Change the time frames of the current plan.

Values window.
When the crosshair is selected, the value window will display any value as the mouse moves with the left button pressed.

We made a major change that will improve the memory use by the program.
We also recommend WIN2000, much more stable, needs 128Mbytes memory.

R54 (02/29/00)

Systems Options - new option to Paint the Bars.
Click the options button on the Edit System window, the tab Colors now is called Arrows/Paint Bars.
You can paint your bars when the system is long and/or short and/or flat with the same 3 colors used to draw the trade arrows and the chart.
If you want just to paint the bars with no arrows do not select the Show Trades on the Chart option on the Edit System window.

R53 (02/18/00)

24 Hour Trading Times
On the real time version you can now type trading times as a 24 hour loop..
This next picture shows how you can now setup the trading times on the Mini S&P (Chicago time).

Note that the bar opens in one day and closes on the next day.
Note that Thursday opens at 15:45 and closes Friday at 15:15, that means the market never really opens on Friday the last open is on Thursday.

Default Bar Format
On the default window you can select the default bar format as candlestick when creating a new chart.

Default Exchange
On the Exchange window you can now select an exchange as default.
Right click on the exchange that you want and click Set as Default. By default the default exchange is the NYSE.

New Exchange Menu
When you click now on File, Exchange you have now 2 options, Edit Exchanges and Add  Symbol to the Default Exchange.
Edit Exchange will open the Exchange list.

New Add Symbol to Default Exchange (F5)
Add Symbol to the Default Exchange will open a box for you to type a new symbol for the default exchange and will open the Symbols List window of the default exchange. You can press F5 any time, this will be the same as clicking File, Exchanges, Add  Symbol to the Default Exchange.

New Hot Key F11
If you use Quote.com, E-Signal or any feeder that uses the Townsend Analytics server (PCQuote, Comstock on the internet...) the F11 key will download the 1 minute bars for today for the activated chart. (CHANGED TO F10 on R55, use F10 now).

Quick Open Window List
The quick open works as before but now is a list that you can add, delete or open plans from there.
To open the Quick Open window, click on Utilities, Show Quick Open.
The quick open window is now resizable and to open the menu right click on the window.
Double click one of the plans on the list to open it, if the plan does not exist the program will ask if you want to create that plan, if the symbol does not exist the program will ask if you want to create a contract for this symbol on the default exchange. 

Systems new option to show the system indicators names
Before when you had a system on screen you will see only the system name, with this option checked you will see the system name and all indicators used on that system below that system name.

New indicators
W.Blaus  DI indicator
RSI using -50 to 50, we named it Relative Strength IndZ

VERSION 3.08 - Improvements and Bugs Fix
R49 (12/15/99)

End of Day Data
Metastock 6.51 format.
Fix problem with Metastock format 6.51.
Program was not closing the Metastock folder properly.

New options
All trend indicators must be in the same direction.
When using more them 1 indicators as a trend indicators all must be in the same direction to have a trade, if 1 is in one direction and 2 others are in other direction the system will not trade, will wait for all trend indicators to be in the same direction.
Trend indicators must be already in the right direction.
Let's say you have a system with 1 trend indicator and 1 entry indicator, if the entry indicator goes long the system will go long only if the trend indicator is already long, even if later the trend indicator goes long the system will not go long, the trend indicators must be already in the right direction on the previous bar or on the same bar.
Add positions on reentries.
When using the option NO FLAT POSITION you will have the option for the system to add trades as an entry indicator trades again.
Let's say you have a system with just 1 entry indicator and 1 trend indicator, the option NO FLAT is on and the new option ADD POSITION is on. Let's say you add a STOP option at Previous HI/LOW, 15 bars, Trailing.
As the system is long and in a bar the entry indicator goes short, the system will still be long (as long the trend indicator is long) until the stop is reached, if the stop is not reached and the entry indicator goes long again the system will buy N contracts again and will do that until the stop is reached or the MAX REENTRIES number is reached.

- On Balance Volume calculation change to the normal one. The old calculation was renamed to On Balance Volume Range.

Wizard on Wall Street Add On
Matrix of nine.

Shockwave (old Impulse lines)
- This add on uses the Shockwave system created by Danton Long.
For information click here.

VERSION 3.07 - Improvements and Bugs Fix
R46 (11/6/99)
Fix problem with Show Tips option unchecked in the Defaults window.

R45 (10/25/99)

Candle Sticks chart, option for solid or transparent for up or down bar.
System - Option No Flats corrected when using indicators trading only long or only short.
Spread between contracts with different time zones.

R44 (10/20/99)

New options for reconnection and alarm as it gets disconnected.

Many new options on the Plan Window
You can better control contracts, imports and other functions from the left side tree window.
For feeders that we download data, you can download data for all, for a division or for a specific contact. Just right click the left side tree.

End of Day Data
- Metastock 6.5 format. Now compatible with the new Metastock 6.5 format files.
- CSI, Y2K problem solved.

New option to trade reverse on each indicator. If the indicator says to buy it will sell, if says to sell it will buy.
- New option no flats. If you are using 2 indicators as both go long the system go long, as one of them go short the system will NOT go flat. When the second indicator go short the system will go short. The system will go flat only if you use a STOP or PROFIT PROTECTION option.
- Overbought/Oversold Tab now appears as you edit an indicator in the system window.

- MACD option to calculate using simple moving average.
- CCI has overbought/oversold option.
- Stochastic RSI has new trading options.

Wizard on Wall Street Add On
All functions to have the Expansion Plan working.

VERSION 3.06 - Improvements and Bugs Fix

R40 (8/25/99)

When opening a plan the Fibonacci Trader will auto download the latest bars from the Quote.com server.
On the Select Live Feeder window the option Auto download must be selected.

Print the alarm list
Added an option to print the alarm list
Right click on the list and click on print.

System results.
Added an column with the P&L per trade.

HiLo Activator for end of day selection will show the next day value on the values window.
Inside Day Narrow Range - will paint an inside bar when this bar has the small range of the last 'n' days.

Added an option to fill in a broker screen with an order when a system gives a buy or sell signal.
For now this is working for the broker Preferred Capital Markets. You still need to confirm the order on the broker order software on your computer, Fibonacci Trader will NOT send the order to the broker automatically.
You need to select a broker in the Defaults window, Brokers tab.
Also on the system window you will need to select the option 'Automatic order to the broker'.

Added a new item on the own period array that is passed to your dlls. The item Bar(9,i) for now has 4 possible values :
1 - this bar is the first bar of an opening next period
2 - this bar is the first bar of an opening highest period.
3 - this bar is the first bar of an opening next and highest periods.
0 - no information

VERSION 3.05 - Improvements and Bugs Fix

- Invalid key bug fixed

Least Square Channel Tool -
Fixed the delete all option.


Add contracts through the Exchange Window - Real Time version only.

Indicator Window - letter typed will search indicator name.

Click on the list that you want, type the first letter, the cursor will move to the first occurrence of that letter on the list. Type the letter again, will move to the next occurrence.

Contract List Window.
Added minimize button.

Box Information Tool.
Double click in the chart. Click on Box Information. Move your mouse to the first bar of a range, click the left button and hold it down, move the mouse. A box will appear giving the following information, value of the top of the box, value of the bottom of the box, range, total volume on the selected bars and the number of selected bars.

Trend Lines with Alarms

Least Square Channel Drawing Tool with Alarms

Change the Contract Used in a Plan (press F12).
You can now change the contract used in a plan.

Save the Plan as Template.

The following indicators have new trading possibilities.
      Bollinger Bands
      Envelope - also included offset
      Price Channel
      Keltner Channel

Gann Swing Own Period
Now you have a retracement option in the swing chart. If zero(default) there is no flat position at any retracement, if not zero on a retracement of this percent value the indicator will be flat.

New Indicators
As requested by many Australian traders we included some indicators from Will Slatyer's book The Speculative Strategist, McGraw-Hill.
      FiboRoc (Slatyer's ROC)
      FiboRoc MACD  (Slatyer's MACDROC)
      FiboRoc MACD Histogram
      Market Speedometer (Slatyer's Volatility)
      Slatyer's CrossOver Point

Added the GANN SWING BASIC PLAN from the book W. D. Gann Treasure Discovered.

VERSION 3.04 - Improvements and Bugs Fix

R30 (5/27/1999)

Do your own programming.

You can create indicators using Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs). A DLL is a subroutine that Fibonacci Trader can link to and use dynamically. The DLL will be created using Visual Basic 6. You will need some knowledge of VB6 programming. The Fibonacci Trader will pass to your DLL all bars' information and other data as needed and your DLL will return the value of your indicator for each bar, plus the position on the market for that indicator and prices of any signals using that indicator to the Fibonacci Trader. The Fibonacci Trader will display the indicator and alarms.
In addition, you will be able to use your DLL indicators in your systems.

We are including in the version 3.04 two new indicators: The Dual Moving Average and the Three Moving Averages. These 2 indicators were created using this method.

Read it.
Download document and example. (The document is in Word format).

You can now select the color for the up, down or flat bar on the candlestick chart.

Plan Note

You can now include a note that will show or not on the plans list window.
To insert a note, double click on the chart, this will open the menu, click on CHART, and then on ADD NOTE, type your note and click OK.
When you open the plan list window then right click on the right white window, the menu will appear and select the option HIDE NOTE or SHOW NOTE, this will make the note appear or not on the plan list window.

Resize Sub charts
You can resize the sub charts in a plan.
Click and hold the mouse on the square that is on the left side of the separation charts line.
Move up or down and release the mouse.

Price Tag on the Plan.
You can now have a price tag moving with the market on the right side of your plan.
To set it on or off, click on UTILITIES, DEFAULT and select or not the option SHOW PRICE TAG ON CHART.

Quote Screen.
Option to have a dark background.
Right click on the quote screen , select OPTIONS and select or not the USE DARK BACKGROUND option

DBC Signal
Fixed problem with bid and ask for options.


Better download of all real time contracts.

VERSION 3.03 - Improvements and Bugs Fix

R29 - This is an update of version 3.03 (4/28/99), better DTN database download, DTN database information changed from 09010001 to 09030001, fix some problems in systems using trade at next bar open.

R28 - This is an update of version 3.03 (4/20/99) will fix some problems in alarms on systems and indicators.

R27 - This is an update of version 3.03 (4/11/99) will fix the error 91: Object variable not set, when open the plan window in some situations. If you click HELP, ABOUT and have R26 or smaller, please download the version 3.03 R27.

New Indicators
Dynamic Range
Support/Resistance Range
Moving Average Oscillator
By William Blau : (programmed with his blessing)
        Candlestick Indicator
        Candlestick Momentum Index
        Ergodic Candlestick Oscillator
        Mean Deviation Ind. Ergodic
        Mean Deviation Indicator
        Trendliness Meter
        True Strengh Index
        True Strenght Index Ergodic

                 Blau, William (1995). "Momentum, Direction, and Divergence" , Wiley Trader's Advantage Series.
                 You can get this book at Amazon.com, look for William Blau on the search.

New "trade type" to be used on system test, TREND/TRENDLESS. Blau's ATF and Trendliness Meter give the information if the market is trending or not, this new trade type will make your system be flat on TRENDLESS markets when using one of these indicators.
New options boxes on the indicators selected on the system window, if the box is checked the indicator will be displayed and used in the calculations if the box is unchecked the indicator will only be displayed.

On the defaults window, tab Sound/Alarms you can create a list of symbols that you want will make a sound for each new tick. Select the JUST FOR THE SYMBOLS ON THE LIST, type a symbol and click ADD to add the symbol to the list, click on any symbol on the list and click DEL to remove the symbol from the list.

On the Exchanges window you have now the option to add 1 hour in all time zones or subtract one hour in all timezones. Also you have the information of the difference in hours from your computer time and New York time.

You can now select in a plan a second plan to create the spread between them.
Open the options window (click on the Fibonacci Trader name on the chart) , you will have a new tab Spreads.

Click the Select Plan B button to select a same own time period as the one been used.
You can change the 2 factors on the calculation, the default is 1 time plan minus 1 time plan B, you can change to any number that you want negative or positive.
Click on USE THESE PARAMETERS to display the spread on the chart, to display the regular chart just deselect the USE THESE PARAMETERS box.
The spread is calculated using the closing price of the plan B bar. Any bar on the main plan will look for a same time bar on plan B and make the calculation using the close of that bar, if no bar is found for the same time the nearest previuos bar closed on plan B will be used.
You can use any indicador and system in the spread plan.

Fix for Canadian stocks, reset of the box's watch list at start.

New feeder - Marketcast Australia

- Improvements and Bugs Fix

End of Day

Y2K for Metastock, Computrac and CSI file formats.


On the individual alarm window the goto chart was not working on version 3.01.

Quote.com, faster download update routine, allow download of a specific time frame (not only the one minute or daily), fix download of night section data.

Chart Printing

Fibofan was not printing.

Contract List
Select type of view, Icon, Small Icon, List or Report.

New Quick Open Window.
Click on Utilities, Show Quick Open.
The small Quick Open window will appear.
The parameters to type are :

R, M or E for the section where the chart is Real Time, Manual or End of Day, following a comma.
The symbol of this contract following a comma.
The first time frame, a comma, the second time frame, a comma and the third time frame.

Example : R,INTC,78,D,W will open the Real Time contract that has the symbol INTC with the 78/D/W time frames.

About FTGT symbol
Why using the FTGT symbol?
There are many feeder where the symbol is very long or numbers, like IBM EQUITY,[LAST TRADE] or USH7,PRIM ACT 1 or 00280042 082, the FTGT symbol is a regular symbol.
We are trying to create a standard symbol for all users.
For stock we will use the normal stock symbol, IBM, INTC, MSFT, C, T.......
For commodities we will use the SYMBOL MONTH YEAR format like USH9, SPH9, WH9...... with no spaces.
For groups use US?!, SP?!, W?!........ with no spaces.
This FTGT symbol will be used in the future to download intraday data from our server.

VERSION 3.01 - Improvements and Bugs Fix

New stop using High/Low of N previous bars.

Select a WAV file as your sound alarm.
Click utilities, default and select Alarms/Sounds.

New Quote.Com.
Now you can collect real time data using the provider Quote.com, you can download daily data or one minute bars to update your intraday data from their web server.
DTN fixed bug for new format.

Quote Screen:
Added option to print.

End of Day version:
Allow Saturday and Sunday bars.

Fixed bug on Plan Line Chart (R21).


This will download the upgrade version 3.16 of the Fibonacci Trader software, Real Time or End of Day.

You must have already installed in your computer a Fibonacci Trader version 3 or the installation will not work.

Make sure that you close the program before installation of the upgrade.

You must install this upgrade in the same directory were the previous version is installed.
Download the file FT316upg.exe to your hard drive.
If the Fibonacci Trader is open, close it.
Run the FT316upg.exe.
Follow instructions.

The file size is 6.5Mb, this will take at least 19 minutes on a good 56K connection.

Click to download


* Trading any market carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to invest you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. 

* The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.

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